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Current research shows that children who are "dual-involved" in both child protection and youth justice systems are prone to criminalisation when these systems don’t interact effectively. This system failure is known as systems abuse. Dr Claire Paterson-Smith, Dr Tatiana Corrales, and Dr Patricia McNamara presented their preliminary findings on their important, if troubling, research: The criminalisation of children in care in England/Wales, New South Wales and Victoria. Their research highlights the urgent need for positive systemic change, and what we can do in our day-to-day practice to move us in the right direction.
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In our latest Q&A with the trainer blog, Therapeutic Residential Care Specialist Dr Glenys Bristow delves into how exploring behaviours that challenge can prompt introspection. We can ask, 'What underlying factors contribute to challenging behaviours?' This invites understanding rather than judgment.
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