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We leverage modern digital solutions to expand how carers and professionals access and engage with training and peer-learning about trauma-informed care. We do this through accredited and non-accredited training, facilitation of peer networks, leading research initiatives, and translating knowledge to guide practice. Community of Practices workshops for therapeutic specialists, house managers and more.



Foster Care Week is an annual celebration of foster carers and their supporters for contributions they make to children’s lives. Jess Wright, an occupational therapist with a psychology background, recently received the Outstanding Support for Exceptional Circumstances Award for her work supporting foster carers over an 18-month period.
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Foster Care Week, observed from September 10-16, is an annual celebration acknowledging the incredible contribution our volunteer foster carers make to the lives of children in out-of-home care. The theme for 2023 was “Hearts of Gold”, a theme that reflects the type of person it takes to commit to welcoming someone else’s child into their home.
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    We partner with leading researchers to identify and fill the gaps in knowledge about what works in out-of-home care.


    We facilitate monthly communities of practice for therapeutic specialists, and those with a clinical role, in therapeutic residential care.


    We innovate and curate collections of knowledge on critical practice issues in out-of-home care.



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    Why is reflection important for trauma-informed work?

    Why did you become a therapeutic specialist?

    What would you tell others thinking about becoming a therapeutic specialist?

    What changes have you seen in the young people you work with?

    What are the best parts of being a therapeutic specialist?

    What are the challenges of being a therapeutic specialist?

    How does the exposure to trauma impact on staff?

    What is the role of relationship in therapeutic care?

    What is an average day for a therapeutic specialist?

    What is a therapeutic specialist?

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