Tackling tricky conversations: Affirmative consent, pornography, and social media


What is your role in supporting children and young people learn about healthy relationships, sex, affirmative consent, image sharing and the realities of pornography? For many kinship or foster carers, residential care or youth justice workers, this question can cause discomfort and confusion about how and when to best provide appropriate support, guidance and intervention with young people in out of home care and/or in contact with youth justice.

This three-hour workshop will outline the foundations of healthy relationships and take participants through the foundations of supporting young people to understand the concepts of giving and receiving of consent in relation to sexual activity, within the context of a trauma informed approach. It deepens and explores the role and influence of social media and pornography on how young people navigate consent and online safety, while developing a healthy relationship.

In this workshop, social workers Cyra Fernandes and Belinda Lorek will lead participants through real case studies, exploring strategies to identify issues of concern and support discussions and interventions regarding pornographic materials, social media and image sharing, affirmative consent, and healthy relationships.

About the facilitators:
Cyra Fernandes is a social worker and family therapist with extensive experience working with children, young people, and their families. Cyra works with the Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care as a Senior Specialist of Therapeutic Residential Care, focused on evolving education around harmful sexual behaviours and sexual exploitation of young people in out-of-home care settings. Cyra has a wealth of experience in managing therapeutic out-of-home care programs and is a national leader in therapeutic work with children and young people with harmful sexual behaviours.

Belinda Lorek is a social worker, who is the Senior Manager, Practice Leadership and Development at the Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care. Belinda has worked for over twenty years in direct practice, as well as in projects and policy development for children and young people in residential care and youth justice facilities. Belinda is currently working on a project to build the knowledge and skills of carers to support young people in out of home care to understand affirmative sexual consent laws to increase the safety and wellbeing in community.

Target Audience

Team leaders and practitioners from residential care and youth justice, foster carers and kinship carers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the new affirmative consent laws and what it means for young people.
  • Explore how early experiences of relationships for young people in out-of-home care can impact on their knowledge and understanding of consent.
  • Develop a suite of trauma informed approaches to support young people navigate consent across relationships and social media.
  • Explore the role of pornography in the lives of young people including how it influences their skills and understanding of consent.
  • Distinguish between issues and sexual behaviours of concern and normal sexual development of young people.
  • Use the SAVVY Consumer Model to guide carers to talk to young people about healthy relationships and the influence of pornography.

Virtual workshop

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Tackling tricky conversations: Affirmative consent, pornography & social media 25 July 2024 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM $130.00

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