Healing through care – resource familiarisation


The ‘Healing through care’ yarning resource is a tool for support workers,  to inform and guide their conversations and ‘yarns’ with kinship carers of Aboriginal children and young people. It is designed to foster open and flexible conversations that build upon carers’ strengths, wisdom, and tools, while deepening their insights into the impact of trauma, and exploring approaches to trauma-informed care for children. This resource tool highlights the importance of integrating cultural knowledge with trauma-informed healing strategies.
The resource invites carers to listen to stories of other kinship carers of Aboriginal children in South Australia, Aboriginal support workers and Elders working with children and young people who have experienced trauma or hardship. The approach integrates these real stories with what we know about how trauma impacts children’s growth and development,  and the critical role of relationships in creating safety and healing for children.
Learning Outcomes
The familiarisation session for ACCO’s will provide you with the ability to;

  • Recognise the resource content and understand the learning methodology.
  • Revisit and build on your knowledge and language around trauma and healing.
  • Develop your ideas and approach for using the resource to support kinship carers.  
  • Discover the resource tools including a facilitator guide, PowerPoint and videos and identify how you can adapt the tools to suit the families you are working alongside. 
  • Explore and practice reflective activities and questions in preparation for using the resource.

The ‘Healing Through Care’ yarning resource was created by the Australian Childhood Foundation’s Centre for Excellence in Therapeutic Care (CETC), in collaboration with South Australia’s Department for Child Protection (DCP) including Aboriginal Practice Leads, and ACCO’s.   The project team would like to acknowledge the time and contribution of people from the following services across South Australia including NPY Women’s Council, KWY Aboriginal Corporation, Aboriginal Family Support Services, Martinthi (Incompro & Uniting Care Wesley Bowden) and DCP.


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