Blocked care: You are not alone, it’s a brain thing!


Have you ever felt like a failure as a carer? Do you feel like your skills as a carer aren’t enough to handle the special behavioural and psychological needs of the child or young person you care for? If you find yourself feeling angry, lost, or hopeless in your care relationship, you are not alone – it’s a brain thing!

This workshop explores how the stress of caring for a child who has experienced early trauma can result in “blocked care”. Blocked care is a cycle of reactive care that defensively reacts to the behaviours of children and young people who experience “blocked trust” and find it intensely difficult to learn to trust adults. This session explores the neuroscience of how blocked care develops, how to get to the heart of children’s and carers’ needs, and how to use compassionate attachment-focused care to meet the needs of both carers and children

Noel Macnamara is a kinship carer with over 38 years of experience as a social worker, operational manager, organisational consultant, and child rights advocate. Noel is passionate about understanding the neuroscience of how child abuse impacts developing brains and using it as foundation for healing from trauma and adverse childhood experiences. Noel is the deputy director of the CETC and the executive manager of research and policy at the Australian Childhood Foundation.

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Target Audience

Kinship carers, foster carers, and others who work in caring and support roles with children and young people who have experienced early life trauma.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define and understand "blocked trust"
  • Define and understand "blocked care"
  • Understanding how reactive care cycles into blocked care
  • Identify and validate the needs of the carer that blocked care seeks to protect
  • Explore ways to enhance attachment-focused care

Virtual workshop

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Blocked care: You are not alone, it’s a brain thing 28 August 2024 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM $88.00

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