Blocked care: You are not alone, it’s a brain thing


Ever felt like a failure as a carer? Feel like you made a huge mistake? If you find yourself feeling angry, lost, or hopeless in your relationship with the children or young people you are caring for, you are not alone!!! In fact, it’s a brain thing!
The lingering effects of early life traumatic events sometimes create neurological “Blocked Trust” and the children and young people experience intense difficulties learning to trust the adults in their lives and this often shows itself in fearful, dysregulated and extremely challenging behaviours.
In this virtual session, Noel MacNamara (kinship carer & Deputy Director of CETC) will explore how the stressful experience of caring for a child who has experienced trauma can result in “Block Care”. Blocked Care closely mirrors the child’s state of blocked trust. Blocked Care happens almost instinctively as a way of protecting oneself from a child’s trauma which making it hard to create attuned interactions.
Facilitators: Noel MacNamara 

Target Audience

This workshop is for kinship carers, foster carers and others in a caring and support role with children and young people who have experienced early life trauma.

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